Emirates A380 A6-EOW First Flight.

Emirates A380 A6-EOW made its first flight from Toulouse today wearing test registration F-WWSJ and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.

Etihad Announce Melbourne A380 Upgauge.

Etihad today announced that it will upgauge the EY460/EY461 Abu Dhabi – Melbourne rotation to A380 operation with effect from 1st June 2016.

Emirates A380 A6-EEM Returns from San Francisco.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Airbus A380-861 MSN134, Emirates A6-EEM, departed San Francisco this afternoon operating yesterday’s delayed EK226 San Francisco – Dubai as EK226D.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQD QF93 Melbourne Delay.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQD arrived into Melbourne this morning as QF94 from Los Angeles (depart Los Angeles 22nd October), however its scheduled return to Los Angeles was delayed until this evening when it operated as QF93D.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQK Rapid Heathrow Turnaround.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQK arrived into London Heathrow as QF9 from Melbourne and Dubai (depart Melbourne 20th October) this afternoon. However, due to the late running of yesterday’s QF1 Sydney – Dubai – London Heathrow, there was no aircraft available at London Heathrow to operate QF10 London Heathrow – Dubai – Melbourne, therefore VH-OQK was rapidly turned around to operate this service.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQG Operates Delayed QF1.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQG operated yesterday’s delayed QF1 Sydney – Dubai – London Heathrow early this morning. On arrival at London Heathrow late this evening the aircraft rapidly turned around to operate QF2 London Heathrow – Dubai – Sydney.

Etihad A380 A6-APE Delivered.

Etihad A380 A6-APE was delivered Finkenwerder – Abu Dhabi this morning as EY9013. The aircraft is in 2P/9F/70J/415Y configuration and Facets of Abu Dhabi livery. This brings the Etihad A380 fleet up to five aircraft.

Etihad A380 A6-APF First Flight.

Etihad A380 A6-APF made its first flight from Toulouse today wearing registration F-WWSB and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.

Emirates A380 A6-EEH EK407 Adelaide Diversion.

Emirates A380 A6-EEH operating the Auckland – Melbourne sector of EK407 Auckland – Melbourne – Dubai diverted via Adelaide this evening due to weather at Melbourne.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQD QF10 Adelaide Diversion.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQD operating the Dubai – Melbourne sector of QF10 London Heathrow – Dubai – Melbourne (depart London Heathrow 9th October) diverted via Adelaide this evening due to weather at Melbourne.

Qatar Airways A380 A7-APF Delivered.

Qatar Airways A380 A7-APF was delivered Toulouse – Doha early today as QR3350. The aircraft is in Large Logo/Medium Oryx livery and 8F/48J/461Y configuration. This brings the Qatar Airways A380 fleet up to six aircraft.

Etihad Bring Forward JFK A380 Inaugural.

Etihad today announced that it will introduce A380 service onto the EY103/EY102 Abu Dhabi – New York JFK rotation to 23rd November 2015. It had previously been announced that A380 operation would commence on 1st December 2015.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQB QF2 Muscat Diversion.

Airbus A380-842 MSN015, QANTAS VH-OQB, operating the London Heathrow – Dubai sector of QF2 London Heathrow – Dubai – Sydney (depart London Heathrow 4th September) diverted via Muscat this morning due to weather at Dubai. The complete routing was therefore London Heathrow – Muscat – Dubai – Sydney.