Air France A380 F-HPJE AF66 Goose Bay Technical Diversion.

Airbus A380-861 MSN052, Air France F-HPJE, operating AF66 Paris CDG – Los Angeles diverted to Goose Bay this afternoon after declaring emergency following what appears to have been an uncontained failure of the #4 engine.

Emirates A380 A6-EUZ Delivered.

Airbus A380-842 MSN244, Emirates A6-EUZ, was delivered Finkenwerder – Dubai this afternoon using callsign UAE5GT. This brings the Emirates A380 fleet up to 98 aircraft.

Emirates A380 A6-EOQ Returns from Birmingham.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Airbus A380-861 MSN201, Emirates A6-EOQ, departed Birmingham early this afternoon operating yesterday’s delayed EK38 Birmingham – Dubai as EK38D.

Emirates A380 A6-EEI Manchester Mouse Cancellation.

Airbus A380-861 MSN123, Emirates A6-EEI, operated EK21 Dubai – Manchester in the early hours of this morning, however the return EK22 was cancelled after a mouse was spotted on board. The aircraft will require fumiga

Emirates A380 A6-EOQ Takes Over EK374.

Following the earlier technical return of EK374 Dubai – Bangkok (depart Dubai 21st September) to Dubai, the delayed service was subsequently operated this morning by Airbus A380-861 MSN201, Emirates A6-EOQ.

Emirates A380 A6-EUP EK374 Dubai Technical Return.

Airbus A380-842 MSN228, Emirates A6-EUP, operating EK374 Dubai – Bangkok (depart Dubai 21st September) was approaching Chhindwara at 35,000ft in the early hours of this morning when it turned back to Dubai for a safe landing following a technical issue.

Air France A380 F-HPJE Continues from Cancun.

Following its diversion last night, Airbus A380-861 MSN052, Air France F-HPJE, departed Cancun this evening continuing yesterday’s diverted AF178 Paris CDG – Mexico City routing Cancun – Mexico City as AF380V.

Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKW First Flight.

Airbus A380-841 MSN251, Singapore Airlines 9V-SKW, made its first flight from Toulouse today wearing test registration F-WWSS and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.

Emirates A380 A6-EEQ Enters Dubai Maintenance.

Airbus A380-861 MSN141, Emirates A6-EEQ, entered the Dubai maintenance facility in the early hours of this morning after arriving late last night as EK98 from Rome Fiumicino.

British Airways A380 G-XLEE London Heathrow Damage.

Airbus A380-841 MSN148, British Airways G-XLEE, arrived into London Heathrow as BA282 from Los Angeles this morning, however the aircraft sustained minor damage at some point during the day causing tonight’s BA55 London Heathrow – Johannesburg to be delayed overnight.

Malaysia Airlines A380 9M-MND MH3 London Heathrow Technical Return.

Airbus A380-841 MSN089, Malaysia Airlines 9M-MND, operating MH3 London Heathrow – Kuala Lumpur was approaching Sondershausen, Germany at 33,000ft this afternoon when it turned back to London Heathrow for a safe landing due to a technical issue. The flight has been delayed overnight.

Lufthansa A380 D-AIML Frankfurt Test Flight.

Following its technical return to Frankfurt on 11th Septemer, Airbus A380-841 MSN149, Lufthansa D-AIML, operated a one hour Frankfurt – Frankfurt test flight this evening as LH9920.

Korean Air A380 HL7611 Paris CDG Flight Switch.

Airbus A380-861 MSN035, Korean Air HL7611, arrived into Paris CDG as KE901 from Seoul Incheon this morning, then operated back to Seoul Incheon this evening operating yesterday’s delayed KE902 as KE902D.

Emirates A380 A6-EET Singapore Technical Issue.

Airbus A380-861 MSN142, Emirates A6-EET, operated EK354 Dubai – Singapore in the early hours of this morning, however the return EK355 was cancelled due to a technical issue.

Korean Air A380 HL7619 Paris CDG Rescue Mission.

Following the Korean Air A380 technical return to Paris CDG last night, Airbus A380-861 MSN096, Korean Air HL7619, positioned Seoul Incheon – Paris CDG as KE3901 this afternoon then operated today’s scheduled KE902 Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon.

Korean Air A380 HL7613 KE902 Paris CDG Technical Return.

Airbus A380-841 MSN059, Korean Air HL7613, operating KE902 Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon stopped the climb at 10,000ft this evening due to a flaps issue, entered a brief hold to work checklists then returned to Paris CDG for a safe landing.

Emirates A380 A6-EDO EK406 Adelaide Medical Diversion.

Airbus A380-861 MSN057, Emirates A6-EDO, operating the Dubai – Melbourne sector of EK406 Dubai – Melbourne – Auckland (depart Dubai 8th September) diverted via Adelaide early this morning due to a medical emergency on board. The complete routing was therefore Dubai – Adelaide – Melbourne – Auckland.

British Airways A380 G-XLEC Leaves Manila Maintenance for Kuala Lumpur.

British Airways A380 G-XLEC, which has been under maintenance at Manila since 2nd August, positioned Manila – Kuala Lumpur as BA9172 in the early hours of this morning. This was the first British Airways A380 at Kuala Lumpur. During the evening the aircraft positioned Kuala Lumpur – Singapore as BA9171 then returned to service operating BA12 Singapore – London Heathrow.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQJ Returns from Dubai.

Following its technical return to Dubai yesterday, Airbus A380-842 MSN042, QANTAS VH-OQJ, departed Dubai this afternoon operating yesterday’s delayed QF2 Dubai – Sydney sector as QF2D.

Air France A380 F-HPJA Returns from JFK as AF4087.

Airbus A380-861 MSN033, Air France F-HPJA, operated AF6 Paris CDG – New York JFK this afternoon, however the return AF7 was not scheduled today and the aircraft instead operated back to Paris CDG as AF4087.

QANTAS A380 VH-OQJ QF2 Dubai Technical Return.

Airbus A380-842 MSN062, QANTAS VH-OQJ, operating the Dubai – Sydney sector of QF2 London Heathrow – Dubai – Sydney (depart London Heathrow 5th September) stopped the climb at 10,000ft this morning due to a pressurisation issue, entered a hold to work checklists and burn fuel then returned to Dubai for a safe landing.

Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKB Withdrawn, Enters Singapore Maintenance.

Airbus A380-841 MSN005, Singapore Airlines 9V-SKB, was withdrawn from service and entered the Singapore maintenance facility this morning after arriving as SQ317 from London Heathrow. This is the second Singapore Airlines A380 and the second A380 worldwide to be withdrawn from an airline fleet.

Emirates A380 A6-EEY Operates EK143 Madrid A380 Inaugural.

Emirates switched operation of the EK143/EK144 Dubai – Madrid rotation from Boeing 777-300ER to A380 operation today with Airbus A380-861 MSN157, Emirates A6-EEY operating the inaugural A380 services. This gives Madrid double daily Emirates A380 service.