Korean Air A380 HL7611 KE82 New York JFK Medical Return.

Airbus A380-861 MSN035, Korean Air HL7611, operating KE82 New York JFK – Seoul Incheon returned to New York JFK this afternoon due to a medical emergency on board. The aircraft departed again late this evening.

Korean Air A380 HL7628 Returns from Paris CDG.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Airbus A380-861 MSN156, Korean Air HL7628, departed Paris CDG early this evening operating yesterday’s delayed KE910 Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon as KE910D.

Korean Air A380 HL7611 Paris CDG Flight Switch.

Airbus A380-861 MSN035, Korean Air HL7611, arrived into Paris CDG as KE901 from Seoul Incheon this morning, then operated back to Seoul Incheon this evening operating yesterday’s delayed KE902 as KE902D.

Korean Air A380 HL7619 Paris CDG Rescue Mission.

Following the Korean Air A380 technical return to Paris CDG last night, Airbus A380-861 MSN096, Korean Air HL7619, positioned Seoul Incheon – Paris CDG as KE3901 this afternoon then operated today’s scheduled KE902 Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon.

Korean Air A380 HL7613 KE902 Paris CDG Technical Return.

Airbus A380-841 MSN059, Korean Air HL7613, operating KE902 Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon stopped the climb at 10,000ft this evening due to a flaps issue, entered a brief hold to work checklists then returned to Paris CDG for a safe landing.